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We’re proud to say that it’s not every day you see a Glasgow based architectural practice with the drive to embrace the positive dynamics of change. A practice with the vision and initiative to boldly step out of the COVID fog armed with a new corporate image that personifies our energy, and a vibrant new website to deliver this Core Associates energy to the market.

Please take a few moments to click through our website to find out more about our practice, the way we think and who we are. You will see some of the more interesting projects in which we are involved and get a better idea of the way we work.

Visit Our People page to get to know each team member through a fun Q&A session and photos showing us like you have never seen us before. You will also be able to read a bio on each team member.

While today is the launch of our new Core Associates logo and website, it is also the first time Core Associates’ unique way of thinking has been ‘put out there’. We call this way of thinking, ‘aligned thinking’. It’s about the way the team’s thinking is aligned to the project goals, to the architectural imperatives, to the latest construction techniques, the environment and most of all, it is the way our thinking is aligned to your specific needs. Core Associates’ process of aligned thinking ensures the whole team is able to deliver high calibre strategic and creative thinking for all of our clients.

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According to Director David Mason, “Here at Core Associates, as Architects it has always been about you, your people, our people and the way we think together. Aligned Thinking is at the core of everything we do from architecture and masterplanning through to our more strategic advisory services.”

Working in the public and private sectors, Core Associates adds value to both design and the end product by aligning with our clients as early as possible in the process. Working across sectors, we understand the client’s real needs and constraints before we lift a pen, move a mouse or even draw a line. It is this understanding and empathy that enables Core Associates to develop holistic, affordable and deliverable project strategies. 

Our team is involved in an exciting range of projects across Scotland and the rest of the UK. Specialising in architecture, masterplanning and strategic advice for the health and care, sports, events, hospitality and residential sectors. The senior team members at Core Associates have, over the past 30+ years, worked on projects ranging in scale from minor remodelling of existing buildings through to £1b framework contracts. As a practice, these core strengths have developed through both direct project involvement and advisory work across the public and private sectors.

Core Associates is an ethical, collaborative and integrated practice with a unique blend of skill sets and experience. The team adds value for clients by engaging as far ‘upstream’ and as strategically as possible. This is particularly important within the public sector where clients face many complex challenges in delivering projects.

A lot has changed, but Core Associates is still located in the iconic Hatrack Building, 144 St Vincent St, Glasgow G2 5LQ and you can still reach us on 0141 530 4783.

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