Stadium with David Mason and Core Associates

What We Do




Architecture and Masterplanning

Our work as architects covers a broad range of project types and scales. Our core team has been involved with projects in the UK and internationally for over 30 years. Masterplanning is a key part of the work that we do and often this relates to more strategic advice that we give clients in both the public and private sectors.


Strategic Advisory Services

Our hands-on experience covers a significant number of more Strategic Advisory Services including procurement related inputs, healthcare planning, asset management support, design & technical advice, project briefing, facilitating workshops and contract review support.


Specialist Events Services

We help design and plan the transformation of venues into effective, efficient and vibrant event facilities capable of successfully handling major world-class events. We ensure the existing venue infrastructure and event spaces are compliant and fit for purpose for that specific event and our overlay service supports the planning and delivery of a venue’s temporary infrastructure