About Us

It was back in 2007, when we decided the time was right to create a different ‘no nonsense’ architectural practice offering the best advice and service through better thinking. Working in both the public and private sectors, Core Associates has always prioritised adding value at all stages in any commission, by aligning with our clients as early as possible.

Our practice was built on the background of wide-ranging experience across most sectors of the built environment. The senior team members at Core Associates have, over the past 30+ years, worked on projects ranging in scale from minor remodelling of existing buildings through to £1b framework contracts. As a practice, our core strengths have developed through both direct project involvement and advisory work across the public and private sectors.

We are highly experienced in the healthcare, sports, events, education, residential and hospitality sectors and much of the work we do is at a strategic level. This often involves masterplanning of large and complex sites together with the briefing and concept development for major projects for both private and public sector clients.  

Ours is an interdisciplinary, collaborative and integrated practice with a unique blend of skill sets and experience. We add value for our clients by engaging as far 'upstream' and strategically as possible. This is particularly important within the public sector where clients face many complex challenges in delivering projects. Our aim is to develop more holistic, affordable and deliverable strategies that ensure the business case for each project is supported by a robust strategic framework. It is this strategic framework that helps to facilitate high quality project development and delivery.  

Core Associates is an RIBA Chartered Architects practice offering a broad range of services as covered by the RIBA Plan of Work (including strategic and management advice that is additional to our core discipline). As Architects we provide conventional architectural services alongside Masterplanning, Strategic Advisory Services, Project Management and Design Management.