NHS Highland – Raigmore Hospital redevelopment and masterplan

Core Associates has been working in collaboration with Higher Ground Health and Care Planning under hubNorth in a range of strategic projects for the wider Inverness area, together with the redevelopment of Raigmore Hospital.

Our involvement with Raigmore Hospital dates back to 2012 when we were appointed to look at the overall regional masterplanning of the Greater Inverness area; this included progressing various options for the Raigmore site, New Craigs Hospital, Nairn Hospital, the Royal Northern Infirmary and other community facilities serving Inverness and beyond.

We are currently working with Higher Ground Health and Care Planning (HGHCP) to review all services in the Greater Inverness area, focussing on Raigmore Hospital as the main acute facility in the Highlands to revisit some previous proposals, revise and develop new options taking cognisance of services which will move or be relocated to the new Elective Care Centre now in advanced stages of development.