Falkirk Community Hospital

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Falkirk Community Hospital, Falkirk NHS

Core Associates were initially appointed to input to the option appraisal elements of the OBC for the Falkirk Community Hospital project. Our appointment was extended to Stage D and to include more detail refinement of the option to rationalise the estate and refurbish the retained elements to provide Community Hospital facilities within the former Falkirk Royal Infirmary. The option appraisal also looked at wider site development opportunities which were reviewed in more detail via a separate Masterplan commission.


The Falkirk Community Hospital project is a mix of refurbishment of existing accommodation supplemented by a new build ward block, providing 71 beds for predominantly elderly patients. The in-patient accommodation is supplemented by a range of outpatients facilities.


Our extended role included the development of the ADB schedules of accommodation and room layouts, associated functional content and together with a review of the existing buildings to establish any accommodation that may be suitable for reuse. Core’s role also included a review of the site, existing documentation together with development of the phasing strategy.