Kirkhill Church

Kirkhill Church, Cambuslang

Cambuslang Old Parish Church (Kirkhill Church) is a Category B listed building by David Cousin of Edinburgh, 1839-41. It is a rectangular church with square tower central on E gables in  transitional style. 

The interior has a vaulted ceiling with an upper curved gallery on cast iron columns. Leaded windows, tapestries and altar cross are by Sadie MacLellan. The churchyard is enclosed by rubble built walls and modern iron railings. The front entrance has stone gate piers with intersecting arcading and cast iron gates.

The Church has been out of use for several years. The proposals intend to bring the building back into use by utilising the spaces as a child daycare nursery. No works to the external features of the building are proposed. Internally, it is proposed to install a raised floor at ground level to provide a level floor space. The upper gallery would also be infilled to provide a suitable floor space. A new stair and lift would be installed within the gallery infill. This will minimise any intrusive works to the existing structure.

The adjacent rose garden will have a new vehicle entrance created from Vicarland Road and an area of tarmac laid to provide 8 parking spaces. The remainder of the rose garden will be used as an external play area for the daycare nursery with a timber fence dividing the play area from the car park.