52 Queen Mary Ave

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52 Queen Mary Avenue, Glasgow

The existing building with its extensions, fills a large area of this site. The extension extends to occupy the full frontage thus preventing any external access to the rear. This end of Queen Mary Avenue is lined with mature trees giving a leafy suburban feel to the area.The building is Category B listed and would originally have had a much larger plot area and access from the South with Queen Mary Avenue likely being the back-door tradesman’s entrance.The original house is a grand four storey sandstone villa which is Category B Listed. The original building has a number of more contemporary extensions that detract from its architectural presence.


There is a large extension to the West side, parallel to Queen Mary Avenue and another to the rear which effectively encloses the rear window formations of the original building. The nature of the side extension, prohibits vehicular access to the side and rear of the garden.


Original building (red) is encased in two modern extensions.The side extension (green) prevents vehicular access to the side and rear of the property.The rear extension (blue) encases the original rear elevation, hiding a bay window formation and overshadowing the majority of the rear elevation.


Proposed Redevelopment


Options for the potential redevelopment of the site have been considered but only one option has been selected to be taken forward at this stage. It is proposed that all extensions are removed, allowing vehicular access and parking to the rear of the house.The extensions should be removed due to their poor condition, lack of architectural merit and incompatibility with a high quality residential, flatted, development. It is proposed that each floor of Queen Mary House forms a spacious family sized flat, all with access from a shared (original) staircase, located on the North elevation, immediately adjacent to Queen Mary Avenue.

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